America, Please, Fog This Mirror

“Sir, I know you’re not feeling all that well, but we need you to get up and go back to work.” (US Defense Department photo)

Please, America, I know you are not well, but open your eyes just a little and listen to me. I know you were too weak to fend off Trumpicitis a year ago, and that it left you too weak in the aftermath to do much except marvel at your own ensuing insanity. I know your doctors have been trying some untested experimental treatments on you — the 25th Amendment, the Emoluments Clause, probiotics, that sort of thing — without any success. But dammit, sit up and listen to me, and stop mumbling “Do not resuscitate.”

You used to be “the last, best hope of earth,” for a lot of good reasons. I can remember when you still were, although you started to lose it in the 1960s. It was understandable; you lost three of history’s finest public figures to assassination in just a few years, and you became ensnared in Vietnam. But it was in the 1980s that you became really sick. That’s when the awful, metastasizing cancer of greed overwhelmed your defenses and began turning you into a pathetic shadow of your former self.

The genial dunce who played President of the U.S. for most of that decade oversaw a stupefaction of the American electorate from which you have never recovered, America, and maybe never will. It had lots of moving parts: trickle-down economics, the criminalization of poverty, the marshaling of government power to defend the rich, the crapification of political campaigns with oppo research and creative advertising (by which I mean lies, backed up by big budgets and high production values).

No wonder you haven’t felt really good since 1959. Back then your diet was mostly truth and vegetables, now you are forced to subsist on a toxic soup of daily lies. Back then your people faced the future with confidence and hope, based as much as anything on their confidence in each other, now they live in warring camps watching their own prospects and those of their children turning sour in front of them, responding to their growing fear with hate.

Stop trying to go back to sleep and follow the light. You’re needed here. Urgent voices are calling you back, back to your life and your purpose, back to the struggle for justice and security. People like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, reminding all of us of the things we used to care about, the country you used to be. Reminding us how much we would like to live there again.

We know it might not be possible. We know you might just give up and die. But some of us would like to get in a lick or two before that happens:

You and I are old.

Death closes all: but something ere the end,

Some work of noble note, may yet be done

Not unbecoming men that strove with gods.

–Ulysses, Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Your people are voting in Alabama next week, and they could choose an invigorating path toward a somewhat better time, or they could plunge us all further into the rising dark of this age. Help them remove Roy Moore from your body politic like the malignant cyst he is (not just for his sexual depravity, for his entire moral depravity). Let us help the good people of Alabama, the non-racist, non-stupid, non-Pit-Bull majority, to forge a small victory, in the name of the country you used to be, and see if we can take a few steps back toward the way it was.

Sit up, dammit, and fog this mirror. I need to know you’re still alive, and that you’re gonna try.    


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  1. HAHAHA!!!! Honest, the voting won’t be rigged. Honest, as long as the sun shines this is your land. Honest, work hard and be rewarded. Honest, this crap cracks me up. If voting changed anything it would be illegal. In the Soviet Union, 97% of the voters participated.

  2. Tom says:

    [cue Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb]

    It’s so far from too late that there’s no sense of present time anymore. We’re in the early stages of being overwhelmed like that giant tsunami that swept Japan’s nuclear station away.

    Economics gets more precarious by the day.

    Nuclear war is clearly on the horizon – which seems closer every time I look.

    Environmentally, all one need do is look around, let alone remember a few months ago to a world that doesn’t exist anymore (for Barbuda, Puerto Rico, etc).

    Overnight a wildfire started in the dry tinder down in a small town in southern CA. Fanned by the Santa Ana winds, firefighters could only get out ahead of it to evacuate everyone in it’s path. The transmission line for a large area was affected by the fire, so some of the hydrants didn’t work (the hospital is out of commission too). There are millions of dead trees from the 5 year drought CA just emerged from – well, until this year – that provided ready fuel for this monster that roared though the valleys in the early hours – people having to leave their homes and all their possessions on a moment’s notice, some grabbed their pets.

    With the EPA gutted and led by an anti-EPA zealot, there’s great legislation/policy changes coming like mining companies no longer having to put aside a significant amount of money in case of “accident” or “spill.” Nope, too burdensome on the poor corporation. Just hope for the best.

    Politics is going to be our undoing as a nation. Well, that and all the social unrest coming from a brain-addled population, on prescription meds, with a concealed-carry license and packing, since ya can’t even go to a dang concert anymore, never mind the inner city, and somebody shoots up the place. Never any follow-through with the alphabet “protection” agencies (nor the msm) – makes me think they’re hidin’ something. I guess we’ll just hope for the best.

    Everything is a mess now. Unaffordable health care on one end and agricultural companies out to poison us with Frankenfood on the other. We’re overworked, over-stressed, under paid, under appreciated with totally clueless kids that want no part of moving out or living in reality.

    Education isn’t even glorified baby-sitting any longer. Now they’re out to break your spirit, drive you crazy and “graduate” you with no real skills into an environment of part-time gig work, unpaid “internships,” and other McJobs that will soon be replaced by robotics.

    But it’s far worse than all this. What I’ve described is tinsel on the tree. Try living with pneumonic plague (yes, THAT plague) in the vicinity.
    Try breathing air so toxic you may as well be sucking on a bus tail-pipe, or “farming” on newly volcanic-ash covered land, as far as the eye can see.

    Thanks for the essay, Mr. Lewis. Always a good read that stirs a response.

    • Tom Lewis says:

      Sure, it’s too late. But we were always going to die anyway, and it was always a question of how we were going to live until it happened. The question remains…..

      • Max4241 says:

        It is not too late. 9/11 was an inside job. Force that undeniable truth on the common and the whole crooked edifice comes tumbling down.

        Instantaneously, Elizabeth Warren would be your next President. Bernie might be Liz’s preferred consigliere. Jill Stein could and should be nominated and confirmed … Secretary to the World. Whatever. The good possibilities are endless.

        Better yet, the feckless corporate media would be eliminated. The tumefied MIC would be decimated. The treasonous Federal Reserve is would be slow roasted until it was entirely immolated.

        Global warming denialists would be shunned and scorned. Peak Oil naysayers would recede and vanish. Big Money in politic would be gone, gone, gone …forever.

        Best of all, though, by a long shot: the last putrid sounds we would ever hear from the Republican party, would be their pathetically incoherent death prattle.

        Then, a plan could be put in place. A weak plan, to be sure. A plan with almost no chance of success. A close to hopeless plan to save this near dead planet.

        But as players say in chess, when their up against it; develop a last-ditch plan, for a plan with little chance of success is much better than mindlessly operating with no plan at all, as it can, and oft time does, lead to last-ditch miracles.

        • Tom Lewis says:

          I wouldn’t start with 9/11 but I heartily agree with all your outcomes. By all means, let’s have a last-ditch plan. But it’s too late.

          • Max4241 says:

            “Back then your diet was mostly truth and vegetables, now you are forced to subsist on a toxic soup of daily lies.”

            9/11 was an inside job, Tom. What does that mean? It means that Rachel Maddow will have to admit on her last broadcast that she never was a hard charging, Standford educated, proudly left leaning policy wonk fighting the good fight, but in reality a fatuous entertainer getting paid $7.8 million a year to “investigate” the nightly Beltway gossip.

            9/11 was an inside job. It is the perfect place to start. It doesn’t kick down a door which leads to door which leads to another, it levels the building in an instant.

            9/11 was inside job. If the truth comes out before 2020, and I believe it will,* Elizabeth Warren will undoubtedly be your next President. On inauguration day, Warren WILL have the almighty mandate that everybody has been looking for, the same one Roosevelt had on December 8, 1941.

            9/11 was an inside job. 9/11 is the Pearl Harbor mandate, Tom. I believe Warren will be President in 2020 either way, truth or no truth. With a Pearl Harbor mandate,** it is not too late. There will be a fighting chance. Without it, Warren will not only be another ineffectual Democratic President, who can get literally NOTHING done, she will be our last President.

            * If I’m reading the tea leaves right, and I’ve been reading them for 10 years now. The exponential function is not always a double negative (imagine that). My assessment; 9/11 reality is about midway up the left side of the old (MK Hubbert) bell curve, and we all know, sh*t happens fast at that point.

            ** The irony. That was the point of 9/11, to get the Pearl Harbor mandate.

        • Leroy stoner says:

          The only [plan] to save this planet is depopulation.

    • Leroy stoner says:

      Really? Concealed carry holders shooting up the place? Facts please.

  3. Karl Kolchak says:

    As an enthusiastic American declinist, I am eagerly anticipating Moore’s election as the next step down. Anything that hastens the collapse of this hideous monstrosity we call America is a huge positive.

  4. Max4241 says:

    Feel free to strike this when you read it.

    In January of 2002, I got into a conversation with an engineer. I was a bar tender, he was an out-of-towner in to have a few beers. At some point in evening he started talking. He said, 9/11 did not go down the way they said it did. He said, Jim, the laws of physics are immutable, and every law of physics was broken that day.

    I argued with him for two hours. I gave him the now in-famous Noam Chomsky attack. Too many people would have been involved! Someone would squeal. Besides, the operation was too vast to plan and expect to pull off. And if things went south, which would have been the most likely scenario, who would be the fall guy? Everybody at the top would have gone down, dude! Everybody!

    And my my own argument. The media, man! Don’t forget the media! They would smell the rat. And how did they wire those massive buildings? It would have taken months! It would have taken f*cking years!

    Every human argument I made was met with cold empiricism. He said, Jim, I hear you, but planes are aluminum, buildings are steel. When the Boeings hit the towers, they were paper going into a paper shredder.

    He said, the smoke was black. That means the fires were burning cool, not hot. Not that it mattered. The fires could have raged for weeks and not done a g*ddamn thing to the true integrity of the buildings. To the steel. To the core.

    He picked up a stack of plastic shot cups, pulled one off the top, held it above the stack, and said, this is what you believe, Jimbo, that this cup is going to crush this stack when I drop it. And he dropped it. And he dropped it again. And again. We both started cracking up watching the shot cup bounce off the stack half a dozen times and more.

    He said, Jim, the laws of physics are immutable. The thousands of tons of steel at the top could not crush the many, many, tens of thousands of tons of steel below it, and then turn it all into fine powder. It could not happen, not in any world that includes Isaac Newton.

    When he was leaving, he said; Jim, next time you see a video of the towers burning, look at them differently. Don’t foresee the collapse. Think of them as standing tall, standing strong. They’re only superficially damaged, There’s some smoke coming out of em, sure. There’s fires burning on a few floors. But think of them as essentially fine. All they need is some water and quick patch job, and they’ll be good as new. You’ll see it all different.

    He was wrong. I didn’t it see it differently. Over the next five years, when I encountered clips or vids of the fatally stricken towers, I saw only gaping holes and red hot fires and smoke, terrible, terrible, towering columns of thick, killer smoke!

    And inevitable collapse. Anyway, I forgot about the guy. Well maybe not the guy. He was a very decent chap, and an honorable American, if I read him right. I also remembered it as a great night at work, the hysterical laughter watching his plastic shot cup experiment. The absurdity of it. That feather light plastic shot cup trying crush that immutable stack, and him calling me an idiot.

    So, coward that I am, I let his argument go. I wanted to lead a normal life. It wasn’t until I saw Loose Change five years later that I became a believer. Had no choice. Tower 7 got me, like everyone else. Never heard of it. Tower 7. A giant steel building drops into its footprint, five hours after the towers, for no reason at all. Wasn’t even smoking! How dare you drop into your footprint without copious amounts of smoke!

    Yup, five lost years. Perhaps my greatest regret. For half a decade, my pride and joy, my intellect, failed me. It did not do what I trained it to do, which is to look through smoke, always, no matter thick it is, to see the truth.

    • BC_EE says:

      Ditto Max. As an Engineer I make similar similes, however I wish I had his plastic cup example – brilliant!

      As I like to ask the non-technical, “You like gravity don’t ya? You know, that thing that keeps you from flying off into space due to centripetal force?”

      There in lies the core of the argument, and as you said is the only way to kick in the door of the deception. No “magic bullets” here. They can rightly counter many points on collusion, motive, viability, etc. They cannot argue against plain old gravity.

      What got me was the testimony of a VERY experienced fighter jet and commercial airline pilot. Also flew for the CIA. He even conducted flight simulator tests with novice, non-commercial pilots, and experienced pilots. At the reported speed of the planes crashing into the World Trade Towers not one pilot could accomplish hitting the buildings. The only way they could hit the building was at stall speed by the experienced pilots.

      In related deceptions: California burns, Houston drowns, and Puerto Rico was wiped out. Have to hand it to the Chinese. When they conduct a hoax they are damned good!

      • Max4241 says:

        “not one pilot could accomplish hitting the buildings…”

        Yup. Not to mention; Flight 175 (South Tower), a Boeing 767, reached speeds of up 525 mph. This is not possible, not on planet earth.

        Hani Hanjour piloted “his” Boeing into the Pentagon. His twisting, corkscrew descent and ground level attack was one of the most remarkable feats of flying in all of aviation history. Yet Hani could not fly a Cessna. His trainer washed him out. Hani Hanjour, pilot for the ages, was the first paying applicant ever to be washed out of flight school.

        To call the official narrative complete nonsense would be an egregious understatement.

        That’s the beauty of it. I am convinced: the planners were fully aware they would not get away with it. They knew, to a certainty, that their hastily erected facade must at some point shatter, and the truth would then … spill out. Yet they went ahead with their plot anyway.

        What does this tell us?

  5. SomeoneInAsia says:

    Hey, what’s with all the negative vibes? Cheer up, dudes! The Last Jedi is going to hit the cinemas in a few days! :D

    (Yes, I’m being sarcastic. And no, I’m not a Star Wars fan.)

    • Max4241 says:

      I’m in a good mood, despite the fact that apparently, Guy McPherson just gave us weeks or months to live. A friend informed me of this earlier tonight. He prefaced the news by saying, “Hey, you wanna hear a bold prediction?”

      Too funny.

      Seriously though, f*ck that. We are making it to at least 2020. I wanna see my scenario play out. It could. I figure it’s sitting at 20 to 1 against, which ain’t bad. It all depends on 9/11 reality.

      If it does, that means I get to see Cheney, Bush, Rummy (is he still alive?) et al, swinging from the highest yardarms in the US Navy.

      Better yet, it also means I get to see the Republican Party pulverized to dust and scattered to the winds.

      I was a little tough on my main man Chomsky earlier in the thread. He deserves it ( investigate Noam, do what you have always done, and LOOK AT THE DATA, that’s all we’re asking). Still, he has been battling Goliath for fifty something years, and I haven’t, and he did give us, perhaps, the all-time profundity. It is, and I think I quote:

      “The Republican Party is greatest force of evil the world has ever known.”

      Amen to that, brother.

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