Warnings Confirmed: Terror Attacks Plague US on July 4


Using high explosives as a distraction, extremists launched attacks in almost all major American cities on July 4, as predicted.

Grave and repeated warnings from top US security officials about the danger of terror attacks on the July 4 weekend were confirmed by what appears to this writer to be a coordinated series of attacks in virtually all major US cities. Many of the attacks used explosives as a distraction, and one of them was a suicide attack.

Ground zero for the carnage was Chicago, where nine people were shot and killed, and 46 wounded, some of them while watching explosive “fireworks” displays. A source close to the investigation (who does not want to be identified because of an aversion to ridicule) says the attackers appear to be affiliated with a group known as Illinois Students Independence Society, a shadowy organization that controls its militants with the Internet.

Chicago’s police superintendent convened a news conference at which he displayed scores of weapons confiscated from ISIS extremists and asked, “Isn’t it time we fixed this system? Isn’t it time we took down the Confederate flag?”

In New York City, one fiendish attacker threw an explosive into an NYPD police car, setting it afire. The suspect is thought to be one of a growing number of Unitarian extremists who have become radicalized by accidental Internet contact with the Federalist Papers.

Reporters could not get into Detroit to assess the situation there, but could hear heavy machine-gun and artillery fire through Saturday night. The city is thought to be in the hands of a cadre of hunters from northern Michigan organized by a used car salesman named Albert Caida. It’s known to law enforcement as Al Caida in the Upper Peninsula.

Al is a Unitarian. Need we say more?

The lone suicide attack took place in a small town in Maine, for reasons that remain a mystery. A young man who obviously had been spending too much time on the Internet while drinking placed a mortar tube on his head and fired it. Fortunately his aim was bad and no one was hurt. Unfortunately he was killed instantly. He is regarded as a leading contender for a posthumous Darwin Award.

Here is an incomplete list of the terror attacks executed in the United States in little over 48 hours this weekend:

Time does not permit collation of the multiple single-victim attacks that occurred in other communities.

One can only hope that anyone who contemplates this list of carnage directed against the homeland will regret the cynicism that greeted the earnest prior warnings of our security establishment. [See, for example, “FBI and Media Still Addicted to Ginning Up Terrorist Hysteria — But They Have Never Been Right.”] This morning, with the pungent smell of cordite and black powder fogging the land, the men and women of our security apparatus stand as resolute as ever, shoulder to shoulder, their backs to the country, peering out to sea for the first glimpse of a jihadi.


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2 Responses to Warnings Confirmed: Terror Attacks Plague US on July 4

  1. Tom says:

    Yes Mr. Lewis, the usual celebration of noise and air pollution, held every year at this time, brings with it explosions and the visualization of money quite literally going up in smoke. It’s called “fun” for some inane reason and is supposed to somehow glorify a country awash in blood – from it’s founding to the present day, replete with speeches by lying “officials” who continue to be clueless that their support of this way of life is killing the rest of the planet, and which will take them and their loved ones with it before it’s all over. That will be a happy day for whatever species remain, if they aren’t all gone before or with us in the process.

    Of course whatever life remains will have to contend with all the nuclear power plants, spent fuel pools and weapons going critical when the electrical grid fails and the giant gyres of plastic and other debris that’s gobbling up everything in its path in the oceans [wink].

    Study: Floating Heap Of Trash Now Ocean’s Apex Predator


    “The garbage patch can thrive in every ocean climate and devours whatever is in its path, whether it is plants, animals, or thousands of discarded styrofoam takeout containers.” Corson added that at the current rate of growth, the buoyant mass of marine debris would surpass humans as earth’s most dominant force by 2045.

  2. JungleJim says:

    Ah, More emotionally charged headline links concerning truly tragic events. And in the long run I expect emotionalism will win the day when it comes to firearm confiscation. Why let the facts get in the way. https://www.justfacts.com/guncontrol.asp. With that out of the way, I look forward to and enjoy all the thought provoking content provided.