Tower of Power

There it is, in Chicago of all places, the Big Idea that could have saved us, in plain view for everybody to see and not talk about.

After a $350 million renovation the Sears Tower, at 110 stories the tallest skyscraper in the hemisphere, will produce 80 per cent of its own electricity. [Sears Tower to be Revamped to Produce Most of Its Own ElecricityThe New York Times.]¬†That’s a big project, but it’s not the Big Idea.

Here’s the Big Idea: If we started, right now, to make all of our electricity from renewable sources where we use it, instead of building huge plants to burn fossil fuel (or for that matter gather wind or sunlight) and then wheel it around the country on huge power lines; if every home and building constructed from here on had to consider its assets of wind, water and sunlight and use them to provide its own energy; then we might have a chance.

Too hard to do? Too expensive? A pipe dream? Go visit the Sears Tower, the tell me that again.

Sears Tower to Be Revamped to Produce Most of Its Own Power

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