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These are the places we go almost every day for information, inspiration and confirmation. If you want a balanced, non-industrial view of the status of the industrial age, make them part of your daily life too. Organized, annotated and linked for your convenience.

Apocalypse When?

Doom for Dummies offers an Apocalyptic Map of the World, a compendium of everything you need to know about TEOTWAKI (including a definition of TEOTWAKI)

Global Risk Report features links to current news and blog articles about threats to our well-being. Admirably comprehensive and frequently updated.

Rice Farmer has become a highly valued compendium of end-of-industrial-age stories. He posts a massive list every two or three days.


Climate Change

Climate Progress is the blog of Dr. Joseph Romm, a senior fellow at the Center for America Progress Action Fund. He has been called by Time Magazine “the Web’s most influential climate-change blogger.” Still seems to think the situation can be saved, but still…..

Resilience.org (formerly Energy Bulletin) is a site whose focus is on “building community resilience in a world of multiple emerging challenges: the decline of cheap energy, the depletion of critical resources like water, complex environmental crises like climate change and biodiversity loss, and the social and economic issues which are linked to these.” Another daily must-see.



Association for the Study of Peak Oil — one of the few sources of objective information about the worst current threat to the security of the human race.



Environment News Service — PR news releases relating to the environment, put out by people with something to sell, but informative nevertheless.

Science Daily — daily updates on the latest research news, in every category of scientific endeavor.

Environmental Journalism Today — the stories that the members of the Society of Environmental Journalists are working on.


Sustainable Living

Joel Salatin (Polyface Farms) — the high priest of sustainable agriculture in this country, Joel has inspired thousands of us to reconnect with the land and the animals that can thrive on it. This is his farm site, but don’t expect him to ship any steaks across the country: he famously refused to do just that for Michael Pollan, who explained why inOmnivore’s Dilemma.

Sharon Astyk (Casaubon’s Book) is one of the best writers and thinkers on the planet when it comes to understanding and surviving the looming crisis of industrial society being brought on by resource depletion and climate change. Unlike most who contemplate the situation, she walks the walk, living sustainably on a New York farm and showing the rest of us the way forward.


Friends and Family

Aquatic Invasive Management — dealing with invasive species in Adirondack Lakes the old-fashioned, sustainable way: by hand.

Philly Eco City — seeking ustainability in the city.

Learning from Dogs — meditations that illuminate our line of country.


8 Responses to Our Web Community

  1. Richard F McCarthy says:

    Interesting articles. Do you get many hits? One typographical error on title page. You spelled the word university as unversity. Just a born proofreader I guess.
    How long have you had this webpage?
    I’ll be watching.

    • tomlewis says:

      How did you know I didn’t mean un-versity, a place where nothing useful is learned? Thanks for the catch, and for watching.

  2. mary leduc-suruma says:

    digging in again today, so nice to read and read about people who are awake and working on how to survive. i’ve been an optimist most of my life but since i read widely if not deeply, lately it hasn’t been easy.

  3. hydafl20 says:

    I have taken notice that we as a society are in the throes of mass stupidity.
    Obsessing over the folks in hollyweird, each sunday we are blasted with football scores, highlights and the never-ending ways these bufffoons seem to skirt trouble.
    Oh and did I mention beer? AKA the government drug, Americans cant get enough of this swill, each day at 5 I am reminded of Fred Flintstone sliding off his dino machine and headed to his watering hole. well evolution hasn’t changed much from cartoons to cartoonish behavior.

    Funny thing is though, when I mention these things suddenly I am a crackpot and loony. Seems as though there are a scant few paying real attention.

    I like this site and have already saved it so as to be better able to navigate back, by the way thanks for taking the time to put this here.

  4. This is a refreshing blog to have come across, with an on-point message (I just read your Housing Bubble II piece from September). I will check back for updates, and I invite you to do likewise (as a fellow WordPress blogger). Keep up the good work!

  5. TerribleTim says:

    You realize the link above for Science Daily goes to ENS?
    You’re just screwing with us, right?

  6. JungleJim says:

    Where are you? I keep getting pre-election Hillary? Am I missing something? Hope you are well.

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