Irene Trashes Obama’s Polls

This image purports to show a hurricane that the Obama administration either failed to protect us from, or invented.

President Obama’s approval ratings plummeted this morning on news that a major hurricane was approaching the US east coast. Seven out of ten Americans who watched Fox News srongly disapprove of the President’s handling of hurricanes. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, “The Obama administration has done nothing to protect job creators from hurricanes. We think it may be an impeachable offense.”Republican House Speaker John Boehner said that he could not remember “any hurricane striking the US heartland while George Bush was president.” He attributed this to the Bush tax cuts for job creators.

Presidential-nomination candidate Michelle Bachman had a different take. “There is no hurricane,” she declared. “This is just another August surprise. The president’s numbers drop, and bingo! There’s a hurricane. Coincidence? I don’t think so. If I am elected president, I promise there will be no hurricane damage during my administration.”

Candidate Mitt Romney steered a middle course. “Is there a hurricane? I don’t personally know. There might be one, but I’m not going to spend billions of dollars saving people from something I don’t personally know about.”

Sarah Palin announced that she was taking her One America bus tour to Ocracoke Island to meet the hurricane, is there was one. “We momma grizzlies aren’t afraid of a little wind,” she said. Asked how she was going to get her bus to an island with no bridges to the mainland, she said, “I am so tired of these gotcha questions. Would you ask me that if I was a man?”

For his part, President Obama said he was willing to discuss responsibility for the storm, and was in negotiations with it. “We’ve offered to give it the Outer Banks,” he said, “in exchange for it taking it easy on New York City. We think that’s fair. You have to be flexible in these things.”

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One Response to Irene Trashes Obama’s Polls

  1. SomeoneInAsia says:

    The ancient Chinese used to believe (I think some still do) that the negligence of rulers CAUSES natural disasters, which are sent from Heaven as a warning. Now I see that some modern Americans seem to hold very similar beliefs. :)

    Such beliefs need not be considered all that irrational, by the way; some scientists today are actually prepared to give them the benefit of doubt. Check out the article ‘Wishing for Good Weather: A Natural Experiment in Group Consciousness’ by R. Nelson, available as a free download at (issue 11:1).